A typical installation

The plants are housed in specially designed skids and can be buried.

The following chart shows the flow diagram of one of our biodigestion systems without biomethane upgrades.

The plants are housed in specially designed skids and can be buried, with the only care being to leave the upper part above ground.

  1. The matrices enter the plant through a shredding and screening system.
  2. Then, reduced ald a correct sizing, the matrices are mixed together and are added with water to bring them to the humidity level required by the system (about 85%)
  3. A first cavitation cycle, lasting a few minutes, allows the material to be finely crushed and amalgamated as well as to replenish its cell walls.
  4. The bolus thus obtained is introduced into the “stomach”, with no moving parts: the mixing is carried out using the gas being formed by exploiting the Coandă effect obtained with special ATEX blowers.
  5. At predetermined intervals, a pump sucks in the biogas ...
  6. ... and sends it to a compression and filtering system
  7. Only to be wrapped up ...
  8. ... and fed into a turbine with a heat recovery system of our conception: the combined cycle allows yields of over 55% for the production of electricity
  9. which will either be self-consumed or fed into the national grid
  10. a solenoid valve, at pre-established intervals, will release the biodigested product from below to direct it to ...
  11. ... a further cycle in the cavitator to inert any trace of microorganisms
  12. Further solenoid valves ...
  13. they will regulate the flow towards a possible booster pump ...
  14. ... or by putting it directly into a press belt ...
  15. ... from which the solid part forms ...
  16. ... the denitrified quality compost to be used for agricultural purposes
  17. while a cavitating pump puts the water in which the nitrates remained in a tank, purifying and denitrifying it using UVC and ozone
  18. part of the water will be withdrawn for other uses (for example agricultural uses or for washing or, if you decide to achieve a food grade purification, to water livestock)
  19. while a part will be reused in the process


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