Cavitation can “shock” the beer production process while preserving the quality of the product

In the beer’s production, in the last decades there have been incredible improvements in the field of technology, chemistry and fermentation, but the basic principles still unchanged since the early beginning: so there aren’t been significant change in more than 5,500 years!

Today, cavitation can “shock” them while preserving the quality of the product. Semidas srl, our Italian dedicated research company, is engineering a “vertical application” of the EMPOWERING DEVICE with the consulting service of the CNR of Sassari, the University of Sassari and Rina Consulting - Centro Sviluppo Materiali S.p.A.

The set objective is to achieve 80% savings both in the times and in the energy requirements and to exceed 50% of water savings required for any beer production. These results should be obtained using the same amount of initial raw material, so it will be possible to produce a greater quantity of high quality beer in less time, with less water and also consuming less energy.

The process we have developed is intended to change the production process steps without altering the flavor and allowing the beer’s spread also on the vast market of affected by celiac as, with our process, occurs the almost total assimilation of the amino acid proline by the yeasts, thus making the beer obtained usable also by this category of users. Our technology allows us to perform malting, mashing and fermentation is accelerated by cavitation as well as different types of aging and refinement with the exception of those conducted directly in the bottle. A last cavitation cycle will also pasteurize the product making it suitable for long storage.


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