Graphene: what is it?

Graphene: The coolest material that shouldn't exist!

First, it is a feather-light substance, thinner than any other known material, just one carbon atom thick.

Its tensile strength is approximately 130 GPa, making it approximately 200 times stronger than steel.

This property is critical in many applications, from impact-resistant structures to technical clothing.

But, at the same time, it is extremely flexible: it can be bent, distorted and manipulated without compromising its structural integrity.

In addition to its strength, graphene possesses an innate ability to conduct heat and electricity with unparalleled efficiency, combined with fascinating light-absorbing capabilities.

Electrons can flow through graphene's carbon lattice with surprising ease, making it ideal for advanced electronics applications surpassing even copper in conductivity by 1,000 times.

It has the ability to absorb light at all visible wavelengths, which makes it incredibly dark and black.

graphene functions

Despite this, it is also remarkably transparent, allowing light to pass through it.

Graphene also exhibits interesting magnetic properties that make it suitable, once magnetized, for use in spintronic applications, which exploit the spin of electrons to process information: this property has the potential to revolutionize the field of quantum computing and storage data.

Its thermal conductivity is exceptionally high, making it an ideal candidate for applications where thermal management is critical.

It can dissipate heat efficiently, making it valuable for high-power electronic devices and cooling applications.


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