System’s peculiarities

Gas treatment technologies are refinements and adaptations from the world of oil & gas.

Our plant is completely innovative in its design while relying on proven, mature technologies and, individually, commercially used for decades in different parts of the world.

It is impossible to doubt the gasification and plasma torch technologies as they exist and are applied daily to treat MSW all over the world, the first since post-World War II and the second since 1980.

Gas treatment technologies are refinements and adaptations from the world of oil & gas.

The main innovation lies in being an industrial plant which instead of creating pollution feeds on it to produce basic needs (electricity for example) or to produce other elements useful for harmonious progress and not in contrast with nature. We were the first who thought of combining different technologies, all complementary to each other.

In addition, being designed in a modular way, allows us to adapt it to almost all uses and needs.

Finally, the adoption of consolidated third-party energy production technologies as well as third-party abduction systems normally adopted in other production chains allows a sensible and significant containment of both purchase and management costs as well as being able to select from time to time on the market the most performing technology for the size and type of syngas to be used.

Controlled cavitation, the long and fruitful experimentation of which has led us to obtain rewarding results, including certified ones, such as the reduction of COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) by more than 90% in just a few minutes, is a powerful new technology that is rarely used in other sectors.

Similarly, the plasma chamber designed by us is the first in the world to be able to use different types of electrodes, thus safeguarding the investment from obsolescence, just as our gasifiers, in addition to being three-way, do not require continuous changes of refractory or the perceived external temperature is such as to not burn your hands in case of accidental contact.

Our technology is completely different from the one on which are based any incinerators. Both in the gasifiers and in the plasma torches the matrices (waste) are used to produce synthesis gas and, therefore, do not represent the “fuel” of the machinery as in the case of incinerators: the matrices are therefore a raw material used for a process high temperature chemical conversion where the matter is broken down into simple molecules.

The syngas that is formed from the simple molecules mentioned above will then also be used to produce energy or can easily be transformed into high value commercial products (methanol, biodiesel, chemicals, aviation fuel, etc.).

It is precisely the high temperature that is released during the gasification or with the plasma treatment that allows to definitively decompose the larger molecules such as tar, plastics, etc. The syngas obtained can also be further “cleaned” and “washed”, an operation that is most necessary if it is chosen to use it in an internal combustion engine whose exhaust gases will also end up in the plasma torch cycle.

The lack or absence of oxygen combined with high temperatures and the absence of combustion inhibits the creation of toxic dioxins, furans or nitrogen oxides or even ammonia while the high temperature of the torch destroys the dioxins already present.

The abrupt cooling of process temperatures prevents the reformation of dioxins and furans.

Even the ash produced during the gasification and the lava produced with the plasma torch are completely different from any waste products created with an incineration process: in both cases, the waste to be sent to landfills is the raw material useful for a new process.

From all this it is evident that both the gasification technology and, even more so, the plasma torch technology are significantly different and cleaner than incineration.

CE ECO gasification layout


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