Effects on inorganic wastewater

EMPOWERING DEVICE acts, depending on the case, as a flotation device and particle micronizer, coagulating very small suspended solids, facilitating their subsequent filtration, allowing clarification of the wastewater and therefore making subsequent chemical-physical treatments much easier.

It is known that cavitation allows excellent results to be obtained especially if applied in the presence of organic material as by demolishing the molecules it reduces both the COD and BOD values.

This happens mainly due to the fact that the physical phenomenon of cavitation enhances, even exponentially multiplying, completely natural physical-chemical processes including oxidation.

While the tests conducted with the EMPOWERING DEVICE on organic-based liquids immediately returned decidedly positive results, with percentage variations with respect to such as, sometimes even up to almost 4 figures obtained in a very short time, those conducted with industrial wastewater required a weighted and accurate setup of the machinery in order to set the best process management dynamics and the related accessories to be applied to complete the process itself.

All this became necessary because the tests on non-organic fluids had gone differently than expected, not because the machine hadn’t worked but precisely because of its perfect functioning: the parameters of the liquid that were expected should undergo the first The action of the EMPOWERING DEVICE, given their inorganic nature, could not actually be treated until other values had been “normalised” such as, by way of example only, the total suspended solids.

With industrial waters the EMPOWERING DEVICE does not find its best application simply in addition to an existing process but manages to express its maximum when it itself forms the basis for a new, faster and more performing continuous processing process. In these applications, the EMPOWERING DEVICE acts, depending on the case, as a flotation device and particle micronizer, coagulating very small suspended solids, facilitating their subsequent filtration, allowing clarification of the wastewater and therefore making subsequent chemical-physical treatments much easier. Just as it can best homogenize inhomogeneous waste, favoring the subsequent chemical attack through the same reagents also used for traditional industrial purification but consuming only a fraction of the energy required with traditional systems.

The constructive geometry of the EMPOWERING DEVICE makes it not only a perfect pressure diffuser, thus reducing energy consumption, but also an excellent mixing system.

A further efficiency can be ensured by the use of successive  EMPOWERING DEVICE, as with 2 devices in series the liquid can undergo a first treatment at low revolutions, a filtration, an additive while it is treated at a high number of revolutions in the second machine for then be further filtered thus obtaining, in most cases, a workflow without downtime.

The variety of traditional treatment of non-organic industrial wastewater is very vast, therefore the purification approach is almost always to be studied on a case-by-case basis. What all treatments have in common is that energy consumption, especially electricity, is very high, because they are subjected to numerous energy-intensive treatments, among which the major ones are:

  • the neutralization of the ph;
  • the separation of the precipitated salts;
  • crystallization;
  • the drying of the crystals;
  • the separation of supersaturated crystals and suspended solids or deriving from the chemical reaction of purification processes, often carried out with large centrifuges;
  • the reaction with chemicals that lead to new less dangerous compounds and lower the final disposal costs, when they do not allow a complete recovery of the wastewater;
  • the recovery of industrial solvents, with the use of redistillation columns, from which, however, in addition to the cleaned solvent, from the top, residual substances usually come out from the bottom and must be conveniently disposed of.

Both in the pH neutralization plant units and in those of specific chemical reactions, the EMPOWERING DEVICE is able to eliminate large tanks and make the chemical process continuous and fluid, because it makes it possible to add the neutralizer in line. Without the tanks that must be stirred continuously and for a long time in order not to be stratified and uneven, the pumps for sending the neutralization or reaction reactor are also eliminated, as well as the pumps for relaunching the finished product, allowing huge energy savings and compactness of the plant.

The visual impact of the system profile is thus drastically reduced by hiding it from the eyes of the neighboring inhabitants who will therefore tend to complain less about the existence of the system itself.

Knowing the characteristics of an incoming wastewater contained in a silo, even horizontal, via a fully remote-controlled PLC according to the dictates of Industry 4.0, a system of solenoid valves and booster pumps will lead it through one, two, three or successive steps to inside the cavitators placed in line with special filters designed to eliminate certain aspects of the wastewater to be treated in order to then add it or not with chemicals, ozone or anything else needed before being sent to a storage silo of the treaty where the wastewater, now processed and inerted, it will then be ready to be disposed of.

On the basis of the “families” of origin of the wastewater, specific recipes are set up in order to automate the process as much as possible.


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