ED-based plant

Description of a water treatment plant developed around a pair of EMPOWERING DEVICE

The following pages show a water treatment plant developed around a pair of EMPOWERING DEVICE. 

The water produced by the plant or taken to a treatment center equipped with our system, after being taken from the storage silos  (A1-A10) undergoes an initial cavitation treatment (ED1) with or without the addition of chemicals (C1-C2) and ozone (O3).

Subsequently the fluid, re-launched if necessary with a pump, can either be filtered (F1-F2) or, through a bypass, continue its course.

Each filter can be duplicated in parallel (A-B) in such a way that if the sensors should notice a decrease in efficiency, the personnel will be immediately warned to intervene on the cartridge to be regenerated or replaced.

Based on the needs, the fluid may undergo a subsequent cavitation in the second EMPOWERING DEVICE (ED2) which will be equipped exactly like the first: pumps for chemicals (C3-C4), ozone (O3), filters (F3-F4) duplicated in parallel (A-B), bypass and booster pump.

Similarly for what happens at the exit from the first EMPOWERING DEVICE the fluid can at this point be sent back to the first or second cavitator to undergo further treatments or, if it is now considered purified, sent directly or via osmotic membranes (M1) duplicated in parallel (A-B), towards the final storage silos (B1-B10). Even with the membranes, should the sensors detect a decrease in efficiency, the staff will be immediately warned to intervene on the cartridge to be regenerated or replaced.

From the definitive storage silos, after sample analysis, following the provisions and limits of the law, the water will either be discharged into the sewer or into a ditch or even reused to water the surrounding fields.

Neutralization of dirty hydrochloric acid. We start from a pH of 1-1.5. Caustic soda is then added to bring the pH to 7 and to be able to dispose of the final system, where salt (sodium chloride) and water are generated. With the  EMPOWERING DEVICE we avoid the agitated tank of dirty HCl and sending it to the reactor because the cavitator can take it directly from the tanks. The dirt immediately spreads throughout the mass thanks to the controlled cavitation, the necessary NaOH is added in line in the same cavitator; the neutralized and homogenized wastewater from the EMPOWERING DEVICE can pass directly to the self-cleaning desalination membranes, which are also favored by upstream cavitation as a cavitated wastewater is able to pass the membranes with less resistance and therefore using less energy.

The same happens for the centrifuges for the separation of supersaturated salts, or of the solid components resulting from the purification processes through energy-intensive reactions: they are all fully replaceable with the EMPOWERING DEVICE equipped with membranes and/or filters


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