EMPOWERING DEVICE is equipped with an internal sound-absorbing and fireproof lining.

EMPOWERING DEVICE in order to be housed in a work environment it is equipped with an internal sound-absorbing and fireproof lining. The electrical panels are also isolated from the actual machinery by these panels.

The version we use, although derived from “musical” fields, lends itself well to the industrial sector for the attenuation of noise inside cabins for generators, engine compartments and systems of various kinds, where a reduction in noise must be obtained by limiting the thickness.

Products made of D30 Flame retardant guarantee higher results and performance as they are made with denser and microporous foam. The relationship between thickness and density of the material is discriminating for the result to be obtained, from the simple internal acoustic correction to the contribution towards external insulation. 

The material is completely non-toxic, resistant to fungi and bacteria and complies with the fire reaction classification and approval requirements for fire prevention purposes.

Open cell polyurethane foam is the most widely used material in the field of acoustic correction as it offers excellent levels of absorption across a broad spectrum of frequencies, is flexible and elastic, lends itself to any processing, harmless to health, durable over time and with good fire resistance properties (in the self-extinguishing version).

The expanded polyurethane is made by means of a chemical reaction between molecules of di-isocyanates and polyols by means of suitable catalysts, and can therefore be based on polyether or polyester; they are expanded into very large blocks and are subsequently processed into panels, flat sheets, shaped, etc ... The result is a very EFFECTIVE, VERSATILE and LIGHT product, easy to apply in any context offering an excellent quality-price ratio.


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