BIOZIMMI - Each component of the system uses mature, consolidated and well-known technologies present on the market.

The main innovation lies in being an industrial plant which instead of creating pollution feeds on it to produce basic needs (electricity for example) or to produce other elements useful for harmonious progress and not in contrast with nature. We were the first who thought of combining different technologies, all complementary to each other.
In addition, being designed in a modular way, allows us to adapt it to almost all uses and needs.
Finally, the completely brand new energy production technologies we setup as well as third-party abduction systems normally adopted in other production chains allows a sensible and significant containment of both purchase and management costs as well as being able to select from time to time on the market the most performing technology for the size and type of syngas to be used.

Controlled cavitation, the long and fruitful experimentation of which has led us to obtain rewarding results, including certified ones, such as the reduction of COD (Chemical Oxygen Demand) by more than 90% in just a few minutes, is a powerful new technology that is rarely used in other sectors.

Similarly, the plasma chamber designed by us is be able to use different types of electrodes, thus safeguarding the investment from obsolescence, just as our gasifiers, in addition to being three-way, do not require continuous changes of refractory or the perceived external temperature is such as to not burn your hands in case of accidental contact.