BIOZIMMI - Each component of the system uses mature, consolidated and well-known technologies present on the market.

BIOZIMMI is a modular system designed and created for the treatment of sewage sludge, industrial sludge, MSW, hospital / sanitary waste, plastics, slaughter waste and any other kind of carbon based waste with their consequent energy recovery through application of a pyro gasification process and subsequent inertization by plasma.

The main focus pursued developing this system was the elimination of waste in AS IS format thus reducing the problems related to their disposal.

The secondary target is the utilization of the syngas and heat to produce electrical energy, thermal energy and methanol.

We transform every possible “trimmering” into a useful brick for a further process: they correspond to zero waste & zero emissions = environmental protection and greater revenues.

The water contained in the treated matrices will, for the most part, be recovered and can be either purified or used for agricultural purposes.

The heat treatment allow the exploitation of the energy content in the input matrix (for example, the sludge shall have normally from 2,500 to 4,000 kilocalories / kilograms).

The hospital / sanitary waste will immediately be inertized through plasma.

By combining the versatility of the gasifiers with the power of plasma, a large number of different matrices can be treated in our system simultaneously without ever completely stopping the abduction lines. Furthermore, our process accelerator, the notorious EMPOWERING DEVICE, and the ZEB combined with our unique engineering will completely block any emission into the atmosphere.

With BIOZIMMI there are no dangers of furans or dioxins: each gas molecule will be used to produce energy, chemical or other useful by-products.

With the BIOZIMMI the landfills will no longer be filled, they will be able to continue operating for a really very long time.