In our Biodigester chemical reactions are greatly facilitated by cavitation and therefore speeded up and it hasn't moving components.

Thanks to our process accelerator, the EMPOWERING DEVICE chemical reactions are greatly facilitated and therefore speeded up.

Furthermore, given that biodigestion is a typical organic process, cavitation also acts at the cellular level greatly favors it.

Our plants can treat organic residues from farming, agriculture, various types of vegetable waste, civil waste (sewers) or even urban wet residues (MSW).

The component that will vary according to the difficulty of treatment will be the initial shredder and screening systems may or may not be inserted.

If necessary, a nitrogen elimination system produced by one of our partners will be inserted.

Furthermore, all our technologies are designed to be easily inserted into existing production processes without however upsetting the pre-existing production flows. In the case of a plant to be built from scratch, it will be possible to opt for systems made up entirely of our products which have the peciluarity not only to drastically cut biogas production times but above all to occupy a fraction of the pre-existing production plants.

Our Biodigestion Plant with or without Biomethane upgrade has earned us the co-option by the Italian Biogas Consortium as technology suppliers.

Furthermore, our systems do not release microorganisms into the environment as a double step in our process accelerator will achieve the complete sterilization of all forms of animal life present in the biodigested product exiting the “stomach”.