How we work

Our solutions are WIN WIN solutions!

Only by cooperating can the desired results be achieved, but cooperation works and therefore exists only when the interests of the parties coincide.

Therefore at Chemical Empowering we have understood that selling what we produce may seem like an economic success but in reality represents a moral failure because everything does not end when the machinery is delivered: that is the starting point!

Every machine has a useful life. Normally upon purchase there is 100% efficiency and then it gradually decreases over the years until complete decay and the need to replace the machinery itself.

This useful life, today more than ever, can be extended at least efficiently with simple measures:

  • scrupulous maintenance;
  • the constant updating of the software used;
  • the replacement, if necessary, of some functional modules.

With a traditional economy made up of a seller and a buyer, the latter could often consider an update superfluous or could be oriented towards saving and cutting back on some maintenance or could even consider some module updates superfluous.

With an economy based on cooperation and, therefore, with the achievement of a total overlap of the interests of the parties, however, it will be in the common interest to push to the maximum and maintain the machinery as best as possible by updating it as soon as this becomes necessary.

This can be achieved by establishing a joint venture owned by both Chemical Empowering and the person who would previously have been classified as the "customer".

Furthermore, all this represents a significantly lower cost for the "customer" than in the past.

All this does not have elements of comparison in any part of the world and is among the so-called WIN WIN solutions.

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7 days +/-
Contract verification and signature
120 days (up to)
Drafting of the project - feasibility study
60 days (up to)
Fund due diligence
90 days +/-
180 days (up to)
60 days (up to)
Factory assembly
14 days +/-
Pre-Testing and ready to ship
180 days (up to)
Testing and commisioning

Detail Design


At the start of construction


At the start of assembly


After passing the pre-test


To the notice of ready to ship


Upon passing the final test