Who we are

Our proprietary technology is totally innovative but consolidated and is essentially based on: cavitation, gasification and Coanda effect

We born as a company close to the COVID pandemic. We immediately became a meeting point for numerous professionals, research institutions and production companies. All this started in Italy and is now spreading to other countries.

Often our projects precede the times of several years.

Our proprietary technology is totally innovative but consolidated and is essentially based on: cavitation, gasification and Coanda effect.

After having implemented and made the above more effective, we have adapted it to everyday life by creating complete processes whose application increases both the quantity and quality of the products obtained, decreasing energy requirements but paying great attention to the creation of a greater number of jobs compared to those eliminated by mechanization.

In addition to the real innovations, we are specialized in engineering and then applying improvements of technologies, mature in their field, to other areas often obtaining, this way, several real technological leaps simply because we had the courage to do what was before under everyone’s eyes but no one dared to put it into practice.

We develop technology both independently and in collaboration with Universities (Sassari, Perugia, Amsterdam, Algarve, etc.) or with other public institutions (for example the National Research Center - CNR, Fundación Circe etc.).

We boast a vast proprietary product portfolio with several pilots viewable, by appointment, and several completely innovative process lines.

Some of our products have been defined extremely innovative and promising at international events by panels composed of scientists from all over the world. Our technology and our demo site have been deemed valid and usable in several Horizon Europe projects.

Our patents and innovations have made us immediately designate as members of technology suppliers within the Italian Biogas Consortium.

We have a framework agreement with RINA Consulting - Centro Sviluppo Materiali S.p.A. which allows us to request their supervision and therefore also to certify the production and engineering phase of our products wherever we choose to produce them. Therefore, choosing us also gives access to all the wealth of experience and technology gained in over 70 years by Centro Sviluppo Materiali which, I remember to everyone, was since its establishing the research and development department of IRI (Institute for Italian Industrial Reconstruction, among the top 10 companies in the world by turnover up to 1992).

Numerous specialized industrial plants, centres of excellence on their specific sectors, have made the production slots we need available to us; we are equipping ourselves with proprietary factories to carry out final assembly and to start specific productions.

We are present with companies in numerous European countries. We are opening companies in several African countries and in Asia. We have projects underway in various European, African and Asian countries. Our international staff represents our essence: motivated people with a wealth of personal experience who believe in what they are doing and who come from many different countries. In every nation in which we appear we respect local customs and traditions, bringing a bit of Italianness to the place and “stealing” part of their culture to ensure that no one is a Stranger in a Strange Land.

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